Crystal Didgeridoo


A crystalline appearance and an exceptional sound!

In 1999 Gaudry Normand created this new version of the didgeridoo. The crystal didgeridoo was born out of the desire to marry together two concepts: ancient Australian traditions and modern technology. Gaudry shapes them by hand on a glass lathe, using a high-quality glass which contains a substantial amount of silica, the component of quartz crystal.

Crystalline material vibrates easily, as can be heard in instruments like the musical glasses. However, ordinary glass contains less than 50% silica, whereas the crystal didgeridoo is made using a high quality glass containing over 80% silica (SiO2). This gives the crystal didgeridoo an exceptional sound quality, with clear harmonics and a pure tone. For purists, we also offer a model made of 99.9% silica.

Using special techniques such as ‘crystal breathing,’ you can let go and dive deep within to reach a peaceful silence. The crystal didgeridoo is a therapeutic instrument which tones the lungs and helps eliminate tension from the body, while simultaneously increasing vitality.

According to experienced didgeridoo players, “this new didgeridoo breathes new life into the world of wind instruments.”

The crystal didgeridoo is available exclusively in our store, which is open only during crystal events.


Crystal didgeridoos are made by hand

Gaudry Normand developed a new the didgeridoo in 1999. He shapes them by hand on a glass lathe in the workshop at Mine Cristal. These didgeridoos have an exceptional sound and are very easy to play. They can also be thoroughly cleaned under hot running water, in the shower!

The crystal didgeridoo is made of silica

The main component of the crystal didgeridoo is silica, the mineral that composes quartz crystals. Additionally, Gaudry has perfected the shape of the didgeridoo and developed a built-in mouthpiece which makes it easy to play. This is a didge that has an amazing tone and clear harmonics; it also amplifies the voice very well.

Gaudry plays a crystal didgeridoo at a Sonomeditation™ concert. Concerts are offered several times a year, during our crystal events.