Mine Cristal FAQ


When is the store open?

We are open occasionally for crystal events, on certain weekends during the summer season (June - September). On those special days the store and museum are open, and there is a Sonomeditation™ concert. Crystal events are posted on our website and on our Facebook page several weeks ahead of time. We also send a notification by email to everyone on our mailing list. Receive emails from us about upcoming activities by filling out the form on the contact page.

When is the next concert?

During our next crystal event. See answer above. We renovated our concert hall recently and look forward to seeing you there for a concert!

When can I come purchase …?

The store is open to the public during our crystal events. At other times, if you wish to purchase a Quartzophone® instrument (harp or lyra), a set of singing bowls (crystal vessels), or several unique crystals from our mine, contact us and we will be happy to set up a private showing. Note: the minimum purchase for a private appointment is $900.

Who owns the mine?

Gaudry Normand and Pauline Normand are the owners and managers: they have been personally running the business since they founded it in 1989. Come by next time we are open for a crystal event and you will meet them in person!

Can I visit the mine?

After 30 years as a tourist attraction — during which time we welcomed more than 350,000 visitors — we have decided to concentrate our energies on our other vocations, going forward. For that reason, we no longer offer mine tours or public access to the mining site. Our active vocations are now harvesting crystals in our crystal mine, production and sales of Quartzophone instruments, the store, museum and concerts.

Can I dig for crystals in your mine?

We no longer offer access to the mining site for the public. For more information, see the previous answer.

Do you still mine crystals now?

Absolutely! Since 1989 we have been collecting the quartz crystals in our quartz vein on a small scale, by hand, without using dynamite, and this vocation continues today. We sell these unique specimens exclusively in our store. Each time you visit our store, you will see a new selection of beautiful crystals from our mine that have just arrived in the store!

What kind of crystals do you find in the mine?

Our crystals are composed of pure quartz; they are either white, semi-transparent or transparent. They can be single points or more commonly, clusters of points joined together. They formed in our mine approximately 300 million years ago. To date, the biggest crystal cluster we have discovered is about 2 feet (60 cm) in diameter. And you never know what the future will bring! There is a great video on our YouTube channel with almost 2 million views, that shows how we mine the crystals, see link at the end of this page.

How much does a crystal singing bowl cost?

Depending on the model (frosted, clear, with handle, gold-plated, etc.) and size (diameters range from 7 to 22 inches), our prices range from as little as $100 to over $1,000. We usually have a sale during our crystal events, we offer the bowls at specially reduced prices on these days.

Do you have chakra sets made with the singing bowls?

You could purchase individual bowls and try to create a set with them, but it is difficult to make a good-sounding set in that manner, as some notes are very rare. It is important to have a well-tuned set, otherwise the effect is the exact opposite of what you want and will create dissonance rather than harmony. We have different kinds of sets already made up and ready to go: perfectly matched and harmoniously tuned ensembles are one of our specialties. The price depends on the models and sizes that are in the set; for a good quality set you should plan on investing at least $2,000.

Where are your crystal singing bowls made?

First, it is important to clarify that most crystal singing bowls being sold anywhere on the planet today have been manufactured in Asia. That being said, they are not all of equal quality. The quality of the raw materials and the manufacturing methods can vary widely from one factory to another. Our crystal vessels are custom-made for us according to our very strict specifications by the top compagnies, using only the highest quality, pure, clear quartz crystal sand. We offer models that are semi-transparent or crystal clear (with and without handle). We also offer models that are gold- and titanium-plated. We started selling the crystal vessels in 1994. Thus far we have sold more than 13,000 bowls! Our clients tell us that our bowls are the best on the market: they are beautiful and they have a fantastic, pure, long-lasting sound! Ask about purchasing bowls when you arrive at the store and you will be referred to our demo room, where a specialist will be happy to help you.

I would like to learn more about the crystal harp and perhaps buy one.

Quartzophone instruments (lyra, harp) were invented by Gaudry Normand in 2011, after 12 years of research and development. We make them by hand in our shop here at the mine, using unique mechanisms that suspend highly resonant tubes made of pure, transparent quartz crystal. They are sold all over the world and so far we hold more than 16 patents in many different countries! You will find lots more information on the Quartzophone page. Check out the videos on our YouTube channel (see link below). Next time you come to the store, ask to see them and to try one out!

Do you sell Quartzophone instruments wholesale?

Authorized Quartzophone retailers sell our instruments in many countries around the world. If you have a store and wish to sell these unique and divine instruments, please contact us.

Do you sell crystals wholesale?

We harvest the quartz crystals in our mine only a few days per year, according to the need to restock the store. The limited quantity of crystals that we mine are sold as individual specimens in our store; we do not sell by lot or by weight.

Do you sell crystal singing bowls wholesale?

Crystal singing bowls are sold directly in our store at very low prices, we do not ship the bowls.

Can I book a private concert for my group?

We have been offering private Sonomeditation meditation concerts for groups since 1994. Concerts take place in our beautiful and newly renovated concert hall, up a flight of stairs on the second floor. Reservations and deposit required. Please contact us for more information.

Why aren’t children admitted to your concerts?

Sonomeditation concerts are much more than ordinary concerts; they are also profound sound meditations. Entry to our concerts is open to anyone who is 12 or older. During the concert, one sits in silence with eyes closed and listens to the crystal musical instruments; the experience is one of deep rest and inner peace. We wish to ensure that everyone in the audience has the opportunity to experience a quiet, undisturbed and relaxing meditation during the concert. Children naturally enjoy moving around, asking questions, interacting with each other and so on. We would be happy to organize a special concert at Mine Cristal for your group of children; one which is lively, fun and age-appropriate.

Can I take a private lesson on the crystal bowls / Quartzophone instruments?

Please contact us to book a private lesson. We can teach you in person at the store or online (Skype or FaceTime). A 90-minute lesson is $120; reservations and prepayment are required.

Where can I post my comment / suggestion / testimonial / photos?

If you wish to communicate privately and directly with us, please contact us. To share publicly with everyone, feel free to post on our Facebook page and join our large FB community.