Quartzophone Instruments

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After more than 12 years of research and development, Gaudry Normand invented the crystal harp in 2011. Gaudry holds many patents on the unique mechanisms. All instruments are carefully and precisely crafted by hand and with love, in our workshop at Mine Cristal, Bonsecours, Quebec, Canada.

All our Quartzophone® instruments are made with pure quartz crystal tubes (99.9% SiO2). Quartz crystal is a natural, noble material that possesses an immense vibratory capacity. These musical instruments generate a pure, crystalline sound with powerful, resonant, omnidirectional tones and a special timbre; this distinguishes them from all other musical instruments.

Meditators, music therapists, musicians, yoga practitioners, Reiki masters and geobiologists alike have begun to play this marvellous instrument and they tell us it surpasses all expectations! These versatile instruments are now being used in so many different contexts: for their acoustic quality, to make beautiful music, for therapy, to facilitate meditation... Our instrument is so easy to play, even non-musicians describe how they enjoy using it to facilitate meditation, to accompany singing bowls, to enhance a yoga session, to bring peace and harmony to a meeting or in a concert hall, etc.

The extraordinary sound of our Quartzophone instruments is the result of the patented system. This is composed of several unique mechanisms, including tension-adjusting keys or screws, two continuous strings in an angular, zigzag pattern and slender metal pins specifically designed to support the strings and the tubes. This system allows the tubes to oscillate freely even while they remain exactly centred between the pins, creating celestial, long-lasting, pure tones with rich vibrato!

Eight-tube models currently available are the L1 (Quartzophone lyra) and the H2 (Quartzophone harp). These models have all the notes of a C-major scale and are precisely tuned to either 432 Hz or 442 Hz. All our instruments are engraved with the distinctive Quartzophone trademark and the inventor’s name, Gaudry Normand. We stand behind our products with a one-year guarantee and we also offer excellent customer service.

Our full-size, 8-tube model can be played upright on its stand or laid horizontally on a table; in this case you can use both strikers if you wish. You can also play it by holding it in one hand or by holding it snug against chest, hip or shoulder: this allows you to move freely with the instrument. Play a few notes using the striker, then move the instrument around with your arm or with your whole body: this creates an amazing Doppler-style effect!

We make the strikers using a special material molded into a rounded shape; these unique strikers create pure, crystalline, nourishing, sweet sounds. Tap gently on the tubes or glide the striker over several tubes to generate a sustained synergy of sound, a crystal symphony!

Visit our store during the next crystal event to try out and purchase a Quartzophone instrument; at other times you can take a private appointment. We also ship these instruments throughout Canada. We keep these instruments in stock at all times. Do you live far away? Contact us and we will refer you to an authorized retailer near you.

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Gaudry Normand was presented in a brochure highlighting 14 artists. Val-St-François CDL, 2013.

Quartzophone L1

Quartzophone L1

During crystal events the store and museum are open and we give a concert on crystal instruments.  Come and experience a nourishing and transformative Sonomeditation™ concert!

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In this video, recorded in 2012, Gaudry presents his invention, the crystal harp, and plays his original composition, “Ascension”.

Here Pauline plays a Quartzophone L1. This video was recorded in 2014.