1989 - 2018

Mine tour memories

In the past, guided mine tours were given regularly at Mine Cristal. Over a 29-year period, hundreds of thousands of people visited the mining site and learned about quartz crystals and our crystal mine, During this educational activity.

AS of 2019, the tourism vocation has been permanently discontinued and there is no longer public access to the mining site.

Here are a few of our favourite photos of the mine tour!

The guide’s lively explanations brought to life the geography, history, geology, mining, industrial uses, technological applications and subtle energies of quartz crystals.

Tour participants examine our crystal mine and admire the unique geological site; a massive white quartz vein with sparkling crystals.

The guide helps visitors examine a big crystal.

The guide helps visitors examine a big crystal.

Visitors discovered a giant quartz vein, with crystals peeking out here and there in the cracks and cavities of the vein.

Participants sat under a gazebo at the crystal mine, while the guide told them all about crystals.

During mine tours, children had the opportunity to become mini miners and unearth their very own crystal, which they could keep.

Many thanks to everyone that came and enjoyed a tour of our crystal mine!