Pauline & Gaudry Normand

Pauline and Gaudry Normand are the owner-administrators of Mine Cristal, which they founded in 1989.

The Normands are teachers, musicians and artisans in the realm of crystals and musical instruments made of crystal.

Since the beginning, they have offered courses on various subjects and since 1994 they have presented Sonomeditation™ concerts, where they share their unique sound meditation technique.

In the workshop at Mine Cristal, Bonsecours, Quebec, Canada, Gaudry Normand creates Quartzophone® instruments.

Between 1981 and 1993, the Normands introduced and marketed the futon in many countries.

In 1989, the Normands founded Mine Cristal. In this unique crystal sanctuary, sparkling quartz crystals are delicately gathered by hand in our crystal mine, a 1 km-long giant vein of pure quartz.

In 1994, the Normands discovered the crystal vessels (singing bowls) and began marketing these new therapeutic and musical instruments internationally. Today, top quality vessels are offered in the store at Mine Cristal during crystal events.

In 2000, Gaudry created the world’s first crystal didgeridoo. With its unique shape and composition (over 80% silicon dioxide), this didgeridoo resonates and amplifies sonorities to an incredible degree.

In 2011, after 12 years of R&D, Gaudry Normand invented a wonderful new sound therapy tool, made with pure crystal tubes. Gaudry has received both mechanical and design patents on these unique Quartzophone® instruments.

The Normands introduced their new Quartzophone instruments for the first time in 2011, at a Sonomeditation™ concert. These instruments create waves of harmonious, cristalline vibrations, bringing peace and well-being to all who experience them!

Gaudry has a Bachelor’s degree in Vedic Philosophy and is a yoga and vedanta teacher. Pauline has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and is a classically trained pianist. Additionally, the Normands are both professionally trained meditation teachers and certified Ayurvedic practitioners.

The Normands are passionate about facilitating the experience of crystalline vibrations. They look forward to meeting you at the next crystal event at Mine Cristal!