MINE CRISTAL: Where crystal resonance brings well-being!

Since 1989 over 350,000 people have visited Mine Cristal. We gave thousands of mine tours, presented more than 1,200 concerts on crystal instruments and sold some 13,000 crystal musical instruments.

Many thanks to all those that have visited the crystal mine over the last thirty years and experienced this rare and wonderful energy vortex. 🙏


From 1989 until 2018, Mine Cristal was a popular tourist attraction where people came to learn about the many different aspects of quartz crystals. In 2018 the tourist attraction was permanently terminated and we no longer give mine tours.

Now we hold crystal events during the summer. On these special days, we open the store and the museum and offer a Sonomeditation™ concert. In our store we offer specimens from our crystal mine, crystal singing bowls, didgeridoos and Quartzophone® instruments.

We continue to harvest crystals in the giant quartz vein of our crystal mine, so that we always have new crystals to sell during our crystal events.

In our workshop we produce the Quartzophone® harp and lyra, made with pure crystal tubes. You can purchase these wonderful instruments in the store during crystal events or by private appointment at other times; we also ship everywhere in Canada. Additionally, Quartzophone instruments are available around the world, through our network of authorized retailers.