Our Albums

SonoMeditation (2019): Pauline and Gaudry Normand play the Quartzophone lyra, crystal vessels, crystal didgeridoo and more! Basic instructions for the Sonomeditation technique are included, i.e. how to use the album to relax and experience more happiness and lucidity.

Crystal Christmas (2005): Christmas carols and original compositions on crystal vessels. This album evokes the true spirit of Christmas. All the music was recorded on perfectly tuned sets of crystal bowls: this promotes a truly harmonious and relaxing experience.

CrystalÉnergie (1996): The world’s first album exclusively dedicated to crystal singing bowls! Original compositions by Gaudry Normand. Recorded in the Kheops pyramid in Egypt and in studio. Musical and meditative. Illustrates the many different ways of playing this new musical instrument.